• "The Future isn't Wireless"
    Luma specializes in fine and super fine round Tungsten, Tungsten-Rhenium and Molybdenum wires down to 4 microns. We also focus on Gold Plated wires of various materials and dimensions.
  • Fine wire drawing
    Wire thickness reduced to minimum
    0.01 mm (0.4 mils) in cone-shaped
    diamond dies.
  • Cleaning and Polishing
    Electrolytic process for cleaning/etching/polishing.
    Various types of cleaning solutions in combination
    with AC or DC current.
  • Plating
    Coating through electroplating.
    Various coat thicknesses are available.

Ultra fine and thin wire

  • 80 years of experience in fine wire drawing and gold plating of ultra fine wire.
  • We offer very thin wires but still with a high strength.
  • Our thin wires are also available as gold plated.
  • Tungsten wire is available down to 4 micron = 0.00020 inch
  • We develop our own thin wire manufacturing processes and also design our own equipment to secure that we are able to meet our customers’ demands for thin wire products.
  • Custom plating service for several types of substrate metal wire.
  • A well equipped laboratory for material analysis.
  • Through our technical service team we help our customers to solve problems.
  • We also participate in customer developments of suitable fine wires.