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“The future isn’t wire – less”

Fine Wire Products and Precious Metal Plating Technologies

Our business idea: With a flexible and service-orientated organization develop, produce and provide global markets with high-quality precision wire with focus on long term business relationships characterized by high technology and niche needs. In Luma´s ”micro(n)world” everything starts with the customer. Creating long-lasting ”sustainable” customer relationships lies in the nature of our business because it often takes a long time to create products according to our customers demands. Thus we want to be the natural choice partner No1  for our customers in development of innovative solutions within the Fine and Ultra Fine Wire (UFW) sector.

Luma Metall AB is an independent producer with its head
office and production plant in Kalmar, Sweden.


CORONA update Sep 11, 2020: After the summer break Luma has resumed normal production times – 5 Days a week, Monday to Friday. Luma is fully operational and all services are available as usual and with no delays.

May 27, 2020
Today Luma is proud to be part of the LEA (Large European Antenna) team as a supplier of gold plated Fine Wire for the antenna mesh. This video shows a model of the 5 meter aperture satellite antenna which is under assembly right now. The consortium is aiming at a even larger depoyable rotating antenna with 8 meter diameter (Ka-band) to be launched in 2027, a “global first” made in Europe.


In 2020 Luma observes the following holidays:

Easter Holiday: April 10- April 13
Summer 2020: weeks 29-32 (July 13 – August 7)
Winter 2020/2021: December 25 – Jan 3, 2021
PLEASE be aware that we need your ORDERS before summer latest in week 18 for deliveries before our summer break!

NEW: NOW LUMA OFFERS PAYMENT VIA PAYPAL! Just contact sales@luma-metall.se for details.

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Ultra Fine and Thin Wire

Luma specializes in manufacturing fine wire products

  • 80 years of experience in fine wire drawing and gold plating of ultra fine wire.
  • We offer very thin wires but still with a high strength.
  • Our thin wires are also available as gold plated.
  • Tungsten wire is available down to 4 micron = 0.00020 inch
  • We develop our own thin wire manufacturing processes and also design our own equipment to secure that we are able to meet our customers’ demands for thin wire products.

Material Analysis and Plating Services

  • Luma provides services like material analysis and plating on wire materials.
  • Custom plating service for several types of substrate metal wire.
    A well equipped laboratory for material analysis.
  • Through our technical service team we help our customers to solve problems.
  • We also participate in customer developments of suitable fine wires.

Ultra fine wire

Leading Gold Plating Technologies for High Quality Applications

Description of Our Production Process
Luma can supply wires of any dimensions, although we currently specialize in fine and super fine Tungsten and Tungsten/Rhenium wires down to 4 microns. Gold plated wires of various dimensions are another current specialty.

Luma Metall key technologies are:
• Fine wire drawing
• Surface treatment (polish and plating)
• Spooling

Through our technical service team we help our customers to solve their problems.
We also participate in customer development projects.