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Gold Plated Monel Wire

Gold Plated Monel Wire Round monel wire is supplied as gold plated with a nickel strike. This material is not redrawn at Luma Metall. You are welcome to send your own material to us for plating, or let us arrange material for plating. The thickness of the gold coating will … Read More


News Technique and Production New SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope type Jeol JSM-TT100) purchased…. to be installed in August 2018. This hightech device will enable Luma to perform cross-section tests which so far were outsourced. The device will also be available for customers who want advanced surface analysis New polishing equipment … Read More

Tungsten Wire

Tungsten Wire Luma fine tungsten wire is used in a various number of applications where precision wire is needed. Tungsten, also known as wolfram, is a chemical element with the chemical symbol W and atomic number 74. The name tungsten comes from the Swedish language where “tung” means heavy and … Read More

Gold Plated Stainless Steel Wire

Gold Plated Stainless Steel Wire Gold plated stainless steel wire is available with a gold coat thickness as per your request. A nickel strike in between steel and gold ensure that the adhesion of gold is the best possible. At Luma Metall we do not redraw stainless steel wire. You … Read More

Gold Plated Molybdenum Wire

The World’s Finest Ultra Thin and Fine Wires More than 80 years of experience in fine wire drawing and gold plating of ultra fine wire. Gold Plated Molybdenum Wire The characteristics of gold plated molybdenum wire makes it suitable for different electronic applications. Besides reasons like protection against corrosion another … Read More

Molybdenum Wire

Molybdenum Wire Of molybdenum we produce molybdenum wire for different applications. The name molybdenum comes from Ancient greek, molybdos. The silvery metal has the sixth highest melting point of all metals, for example tungsten and rhenium has higher melting points. Molybdenum, moly, is a chemical element with the symbol Mo … Read More

Gold Plated Tungsten-Rhenium Wire

Gold Plated Tungsten-Rhenium Wire As for tungsten, also tungsten-rhenium is available as a gold coated wire to provide oxidation resistance and improved wettability for soldering. This is the type of wire we would like to recommend if you require a gold coated high tensile wire, which is even stronger than … Read More

Tungsten-Rhenium Wire

The World’s Finest Ultra Thin and Fine Wires More than 80 years of experience in fine wire drawing and gold plating of ultra fine wire. Tungsten-Rhenium Wire The unique properties of tungsten are further enhanced in our tungsten-rhenium wire. Already tungsten wire is a high strength wire and by alloying … Read More

Medical equipment

Medical equipment Luma supplies wire to medical industries all over the world. Medical applications are ruled by strict specifications and rules to ensure the safety of patients and medical staff. Most of the Luma wire supplied to the medical industry is Gold plated tungsten wire. One major reason for using … Read More


Antennas / self deployable communication satellites Luma has rapidly grown as a main supplier of gold plated wire for the antenna industry. By supplying high quality wires, most commonly gold plated molybdenum wire. Luma has over the years supplied manufacturers of communication satellites all over the world. Fast growing market … Read More