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Gold Plated Tungsten-Rhenium Wire

Gold Plated Tungsten-Rhenium Wire As for tungsten, also tungsten-rhenium is available as a gold coated wire to provide oxidation resistance and improved wettability for soldering. This is the type of wire we would like to recommend if you require a gold coated high tensile wire, which is even stronger than … Read More


History The history of Luma begins with the start up of Kooperativa Förbundets KF’s light-bulb factory in the beginning of the 1930’s. The productions started as a protest against the two main manufacturers of light-bulbs on the Swedish market and their high prices. The first Luma light-bulb was produced in … Read More

Gold Plated Tungsten Wire

Gold plated Tungsten Wire For applications that require tungsten to be gold plated, Luma metal offers gold plated tungsten wire in highest quality. Plating is providing oxidation resistance and improved wettability for soldering. Standard gold plated thickness for wires < 50 microns (0.0097″) is 3-5% by weight. For wire dimensions … Read More