Technical research

Luma is an appreciated supplier to researchers all over the world. The properties of tungsten and molybdenum offer several known as well as un-known ways to use it in experiments of all sorts. For example Luma supply sense wire for wire chambers to institutes and universities all over the world. Besides supplying materials, Luma offer support through our knowledge of the materials supplied and their characteristics. Our experience, knowledge of materials as well as application areas, makes it natural for researchers to contact us for advices. For researchers not sure of what type of material to use, Luma can advice on which direction to go. Luma has in several cases, helped customers to develop products through support with technical data and adjustments in the Luma production process. Also, Luma has the flexibility and possibility to offer small quantities.

The most famous of Lumas customers in this application area is CERN in Switzerland, to which LUMA has supplied sense wire for particle accelerators since the 70’s.