Gold plated Tungsten Wire

For some applications tungsten wire has to be plated to meet special requirements. This may be for instance to protect the wire from corrosion, to solder it to other metals or to reduce the secondary emission of electrons.

Luma supplies gold-coated tungsten wire with the highest quality for applications that require a tungsten wire with a gold coating. The coating has an oxidation resistance and an improved wettability during soldering. The standardized gold layer thickness for wires <50 micrometers (0.0097 ″) is 3-5% per weight. For wires with dimensions >50 micrometers, the coating thickness is 0.5 micrometers. On request, we can also produce gold-coated tungsten wire with a non-standardized coating thickness.

Tungsten and gold are almost the same density. Therefore, the density of a gold-coated wire does not change compared to an uncoated wire of the same dimension. The electrical resistance of coated tungsten will be somewhat lower because of the lower resistance of gold. Gold-plated wire is suitable for use in harsh environments. However, the melting point of gold is 1064 ° C compared to tungsten, where the melting point is 3410 ° C. This should be taken into account when using coated wire.

We are constantly working on further development of our coating technology and we also design our own coating components. This enables us to meet the request of our customers for a well-adhering and dense gold-coated wire with a uniform thickness. Because of our leading technology, we have every opportunity to produce gold-coated tungsten wire.

Our modern scanning electron microscope, for example, is an instrument that enables us to continuously improve our manufacturing technology and to ensure an improved quality of our coated wires.

Gold plated tungsten wire.

Examples of application areas for gold plated tungsten wires: