The history of Luma begins with the start up of Kooperativa Förbundets KF’s light-bulb factory in the beginning of the 1930’s. The productions started as a protest against the two main manufacturers of light-bulbs on the Swedish market and their high prices.

The first Luma light-bulb was produced in 1931. In 1947, more that 1 350 people were employed and 50 000 bulbs in 4 000 models were produced every day.

The success lead to a development in products as well as processes. In 1935 Tungsten wire was added to the production program. Molybdenum followed in 1943.

Luma started Gold plating grid wire for electron tubes in 1954. Luma also started its own manufacturing of tungsten wire from Swedish tungsten powder.

In 1976 all wire production was relocated to Kalmar.

In 1994 Luma became an independent manufacturer. About 10 years later, in 2003, all production of filaments was stopped and the business direction was transformed. Focus was now set on gold plated and polished wire.

After being acquired by SMG Group, USA, in 2004, the development of gold plating and polishing lines is started. Investments in new and advanced production lines are made in 2006.

Since then the target markets for Luma have changed a lot.

After the classical light bulbs were banned and replaced by LED technology Luma had to find other application areas. During the last 8-10 years following application areas expanded a lot:

  • Electronics: condcuctors and connectors, integrated circuit testing
  • Spacial communication technology: deployable antennas
  • Detectors used in security areas at airports, harbours….
  • Medical: Guide Wires for balloon dilators, X ray contrast wires
  • Particle accelarators such implemented by CERN

These are only some examples. Luma supports and works together with a large number of Research institutes and labs all over the world. Universities are in touch with Luma nearly every day and sometimes can give leads to interesting projects.

Thus Luma focussed even more on plating technology and Ultra Fine Wire drawing, even though some of Luma´s traditional customers f.ex. in the application areas of micro bulbs, printing or heating (automotive) are still active. Also the market for musical strings is stable and some of the leading producers of musical strings for violas, violins, harps and others can be found among Luma´s customers. These require Tungsten wire in rather strong dimensions whereas other growing application areas such as medical and antennas need more finer and often gold plated wires.

Customizing has become a core competence at Luma. As a very specialized small company with much Know How involved our highly educated employees can assist our customers in developing and designing their products.

Luma is certificated according to ISO standards 9001 and 14001. Apart from that Luma provides all kind of certification required by customers for sensitive areas such as medical or space use.

Lots of testing is done by Luma itself. Luma has a well equiped high tech  laboratory which provides analyzing services for any kind of material.

For the years to come Luma expects a further push in the areas of medical applications, research and communication technology in space.