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May 2018

  • New SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope type Jeol JSM-TT100) purchased…. to be installed in August 2018. This hightech device will enable Luma to perform cross-section tests which so far were outsourced. The device will also be available for customers who want advanced surface analysis
  • New polishing equipment for testing purposes ordered: In addition to the new SEM device this will further improve Luma´s competence in surface analysis and quality control.
  • Plating equipment and process revised. In addition to the standard processes used at Luma a new puls-plating method will raise Luma's plating performance and possibilities for certain needs.

Staff news

  • A new production leader – Roger Mattsson - has been employed since end of April. Roger will add professional social and management skills to Luma´s team. His work experience focusses on management, team leadership and organization. He has a bachelor´s degree in these subjects and a master´s degree in social psychology. Roger´s special skill is health promotion. Luma hopes to be able to create an even better team spirit even and thus to maintain a sustainable healthy  working environment and spirit.
  • A new laboratory-assistant – Fredrik Elvall - will complete Luma´s tech team going on from August.


  • Luma will be represented at coming up international Conference ”High temperature material chemistry” to  be held on July 2-6, 2018 in Ekaterinburg, Russia. PhD Galina Albertsson will participate and deliver Luma´s input based on vast experience in this field.

Education and Quality

  • Education for the whole Luma tech team in SPC (Statistic Process Control) will be held in June. This ongoing project aiming at maximizing production efficiency and -quality will happen on highest ”black belt” level.
  • New revision of ISO standards 9001-2015 and 14001-2015 taking place in May/June.

Sales and Marketing

  • A new Sales- and Marketing Manager – Ulrich Stöhr – was hired in january 2018 after the former Manager Thomas Adolfsson retired after 39 years at Luma. Ulrich has great international Sales Experience in various industries and geografical areas. His aim is to make Luma´s market activities more pro-active and customer-orientated.
  • New english Homepage released by end of May 2018, including german and french language versions (to be added in June). Various interactive sections and improvements in handling enquiries and information.
  • Customer Survey. According to ISO 9001;2015 every second year a Customer survey is sent out to mesure the satisfaction degree and -development in comparison to former performances. The results of the survey will be published in June on Luma´s homepage in this section.