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Gold Plated Tungsten-Rhenium Wire

As for tungsten, also tungsten-rhenium is available as a gold coated wire to provide oxidation resistance and improved wettability for soldering. This is the type of wire we would like to recommend if you require a gold coated high tensile wire, which is even stronger than pure tungsten gold coated wire. This is also the best option if you would like to have your high tensile gold coated wire with a higher resistivity than for gold coated tungsten wire

Standard gold coat thickness for high tensile wires < 50 microns is 3-5% by weight. For wire dimensions > 50 microns the gold coat thickness is 0,5 micron.

Upon request we also manufacture high tensile wire with non-standard coat thickness.

Our plating technology is constantly under development to secure that we are able to offer the best possible gold coated wire and we also design our own plating equipment. This allows us to meet our customers’ demands for a well adhesive and dense gold coat with a uniform thickness.

In our work to optimize the gold plating technology, the use of our modern scanning electron microscope is of significant importance. This allows us to confirm the continuous improvements of our manufacturing technologies for gold coated wire.

Luma gold coated tungsten-rhenium high tensile wire is available in the dimension range 0.005 – 0.2 mm (0.0002 – 0.00787″).


For Luma, the antenna industry has been the fastest growing application area. This is very often project related business and in many cases related to governmental interests. Business within this area is characterized by large quantities and strict specifications, concerning the quality of the product as well as the documentation surrounding the project.
The product manufactured using Luma wire, is more commonly called deployable mesh reflector. This is used in space as well as on earth. Luma gold plated molybdenum wire and gold plated tungsten wire are the most common products supplied for this application. However, also non-plated wires are supplied to manufacturers of antennas.