Case Studies and Reports

Through our manufacturing of ultra fine wire with diameters as fine as 0.004mm (0.00016 inch), we have accumulated knowledge of how to study surfaces of small objects. Our products are also in many cases plated with for example gold, where a dense coating free from impurities is essential. In co-operation with our customers we secure an optimal combination of coating and core wire that is economical, but still meet the highest quality requirements. This is possible through the use of our well equipped laboratory.

A typical case study related to a corrosion issue could be performed as follows:

– Theoretical study

– Experimental corrosion study by SEM and EDS

– Stress tests and theoretical calculations

– Spray chamber study to verify theoretical considerations

– Countermeasure

After corrosion failure analysis root causes can often be explained:

Luma possesses high competence in the field and has extensive experience in coatings and corrosion.

Combination of methods were used:

• Literature survey
• Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) and energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS)
• Theoretical considerations, corrosion
• Stress – strain considerations
– Hypothetical explanation of the failure
– Verification of the theoretical considerations for example by climatic chamber exposure