Sustainability and Human Rights

In Luma’s ”micron world” everything starts with the customer. Creating longlasting ”sustainable” business relationships lies in the nature of our business because it often takes a long time to create products which meet our customers demands. Once done our customers / partners would stick to Luma for a long time.

For us at Luma sustainability means also permanent reflection and improvement of internal and external processes in order to improve our performance quality and thus to raise our customers satisfaction. Many of our customers – especially those who work with medical or aeronautic applications all over the world –  are very demanding when it comes to certifications, testing routines and permanent proof of quality in all steps of production. These are very time consuming processes. We at Luma look at it as a chance to get even better in order to match future challenges (see quality policy)

All stakeholders connected to Luma´s activities – suppliers as customers – are actively involved in our processes. Often Luma customers themselves come for audits and updates of quality routines in order to secure standards, to improve or change qualities or to be part in developing new products especially designed for their needs.

During these processes we follow consequently ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Luma has created a designated quality department for this purpose.

A sustainabiblity concept is something that changes all the time but it includes always 3 components which are interactively connected:

Economical Sustainability:

  • Raise efficiency
  • Optimize use for customers
  • Create sustainable high value products

Environmental Sustainability:

  • Create efficient production processes and minimize pollution and waste of any kind
  • Take over ecological responsibility in a globalized world (e.g. Supply chain)
  • Create added value for customers (long-lasting quality)

Social Sustainability and Human Rights:

  • Luma respects and applies human rights. Under “Downloads” you find our “Social Sustainability and Human Rights declaration”. All our employees have signed it. We reserve the right to submit it to third parties who are in contact with Luma, too.
  • Luma takes social responsibility internally for its employees and externally within the local community
  • Luma creates a healthy and motivating working environment and develops competences of it´s employees.

Luma exports nearly 100 % of it´s products potentially to all parts of the world. Thus Luma has to apply sustainablity principles not only on an individual and corporate level but also – especially in Luma’s case – seen from a global perspective.

LEAN management helps us a lot in keeping up with these demanding tasks. Luma applies LEAN principles since 2011.

Luma’s key goals:

  • Increase the positive impact that our products, services and technologies contribute to a cleaner, healthier world. Innovation potential is a key factor.
  • Secure and improve sustainable business practices in our supply chain
  • Increase our work within our local communities – support local business, e.g. by: placing local adds, offer vacation jobs, outsourcing parts of our production processes to local companies if possible.
  • Support Research and Development at regional and worldwide Universities in order to create new technical possibilities for a more healty environment in future.

Environmental policy

Our environmental policy refers to external environment and working environment.

External environment:

For Luma´s employees this means in first line avoiding waste of energy. It often happens that production processes have to be adopted according to product requirements. Thisregarding our employees always shall have sustainability principles in mind. New production methods or set ups are to be checked according to sustainability principles.

Working environment:

As Luma employs highly educated staff and because it takes a quite long time to get used to internal production processes and handling routines it is crucial that all staff feels well and motivated. Luma invests a lot of time and cost in education of our employees and wants them to stay for a long time during their professional life. Therfore security, stimulating working places and an open and communicative atmosphere are extremly important to Luma.

In addition to our environmental policy we actively protect external environment by e.g.:

  • using a Scrubber system for cleaing of plating atmosphere
  • Cleaning and re-use of water from the wire cleaning process
  • Filtration and re-use of potassium hydroxide from the wire cleaning process

Conflict Metals Policy

Our sourcing policy for precious Tungsten and  Molybdenum purchase and/or procurement excludes any engagement in any partnership or support with any party which has relationship and/or association with ”The conflict metals”

Quality policy

Luma applies ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Our quality policy applies to both: product characteristics and service competence including internal services.

Permanent and frequent testing during production is part of our routines. Many different kind of tests apply as a standard: Spiraltesting, UTS (Ultimate Tensile Strength, Straightness, Ovality, Resistance, Weight. Others are performed according to customers special demands. In our Plating department there are 3 quality key factors: surface derivations, strength of the plating layer(s) and adhesion (addition). For different kind of material analysis we use very advanced technology such as SEM, AAS and EDS equipment.

By quality referring to internal services we mean to perceive ourselves as inter-clients when receiving deliveries / information from an earlier process might it be in production or on the administrational side. Luma follows the principals of LEAN Managment in order to achieve the best quality results on different levels and make all processes as efficient as possible.

Product Stewardship

Selfevidently Luma takes responsibility for every single spool of Fine Wire that leaves our production. We call it ”Product Stewardship”. During the manufacturing process every single step is documented to make sure that nothing goes wrong when our Wires are used in different applications or to detect the most minor irregularities in the Wires characteristics. This is also done by frequent different testing during production, e.g.

As part of our commitment to sustainability, we fully acknowledge that all the chemicals we use and produce must be managed responsibly.

This is to ensure sound management of chemicals throughout their complete life cycle, so that chemicals are produced and used in ways that minimise significant adverse impacts on human health and the environment.

For example: At Luma we work a lot with gold. Our annual need for plating our Fine Wires is considerable. Consequently parts of our production outcome will be waste because of various reasons. We don´t waste gold, though. Instead we seperate gold from the waste wires by using advanced inhouse developed technology and return it for re-use to our suppliers.


The next future: SPC Statistic Process Control

Classified as a top priority project in 2018 and 2019 SPC – Statistic Process Control – is stepwise implemented in production as well as in service processes in order to increase quality, productivity and thus competitiveness. It implicates a better working environment and more motivated employees.

Project Status: Inplemenation of Metrology and Gage RoR, Modified Control diagrams, live in production

The middle term future:

By focussing proactively on key market segments which will contribute to Luma´s growth and well being in future we try steadily to create more use and worth for our customers. That way we hope to be able to maintain and find new longlasting ”sustainable” business relationships and to use our full innovation potential together with our customers.